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lifeisfulloffandoms said: what theme do you use? and how do you make 8-bit music, it's just soooooo awesome!!

Haha, a great magician never reveals their secrets! But I guess I can make an exception for you… :)

I’m not sure what my theme is called — the original code for it can be found here. I’ve added quite a few things myself, though, like the stars in the sidebar and the shuffle button. I designed my own banner, but the bit that says “LunaTheWarrior” in Gallifreyan was done for me by the lovely howtocatchawhovian

If you want to know how I make 8-bit music, it’s under the cut, as the explanation became rather long.

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On April 24th 1984, a new Sherlock Holmes series from Granada Television premiered for the very first time on our television screens. The series was titled The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and the episode was “A Scandal in Bohemia.” It starred Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, David Burke as Dr. John Watson, and guest starred Gayle Hunnicutt as Irene Adler.

And was, and is, the best TV Holmes ever.



petition for a doctor who episode where the doctor travels back in time to meet arthur conan doyle and accidentally happens to mention how popular sherlock holmes is even 130 years later and poor acd almost breaks down crying

"Doctor before you leave…just tell me one thing."
"What’s that?"
"My books, the Sherlock Holmes books…do they die out?"
"No, Arthur. People love them. They carry on for hundreds of years."
"Damnit. God damnit. Fuck." 

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when you actually did your homework but forgot it at home


Spell out your name in my ask and I’ll say one of my favorite songs starting with each letter


Repeating letters is fine, I’ll just think another song. please?

Granada Holmes RewatchThe Naval Treaty

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BE: And this one was actually gonna be my final one, anyway: could you be any more sick of the lazy comparisons to Coldplay?

RH: (Takes a deep breath) Ah, it’s just nice having another record out. Hopes and Fears was one part of Keane, and this new record is showing another side to us. I dunno, it’s always inevitable. I have a copy of an old magazine called Vox, the monthly NME thing, and the cover of it says, “Radiohead: The New U2?” Y’know? So fuck comparisons.

-- Richard Hughes (X)





So we know it’s JK’s headcanon that Dudley has a magical child, right? Imagine his kid starting to show signs of magic and Dudley remembering all the odd things that used to happen around Harry. Imagine his kid coming home from Hogwarts and…

"Orphan Black" Creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett cameo

Season 2 Episode 1: “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”

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Wait a sec


You’re not Cos-


Oh shit


delphine be like ‘u little merde’